Peters wants superannuation to be even less sustainable

This is one of the problems of MMP. Smaller parties don’t have to worry about whether their policies are in the national interest. They know they will never be PM. So they are incentivised to push policies that will benefit a small section of New Zealanders (to get them over 5%), even if it fucks the country over.

On Q+A, Winston said:

GREG Lets talk about the contribution. 66% to 68%. Is that a bottom line for you?

WINSTON Oh, look, it is a bottom line, and thats why we had the law changed to 66, because you can recall National took it down to 60%. 

So the bottom line for NZ First support is increasing from 66% of the average wage to 68%. This is fiscal insanity. So that means a Government which includes NZ First will actually blow out the costs of superannuation even quicker than the current projections.

We actually have the most generous public superannuation scheme in the world. But for some greedy people it is not enough. Winston is a fine example himself. He gets a massive salary as an MP, and gets non means tested superannuation – and he is now saying a bottom line will be that his superannuation payments get increased even higher.

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