Halfway there

Today at the gym made my midpoint goal. I’m under 95 kgs (in fact 93.5), which is halfway to the goal of under 80 kgs, having been 110 kgs a year ago. I blogged just before the election about getting to under 90 kgs, and the combination of food and exercise.

Ironically I put on 3 kgs the week of the election. That wasn’t food, but drinking until 5 am on election night, 2 am the day after and midnight the day after that. Thank goodness we only have elections every three years :-). After that I was in Africa having far too many great meals, so started the year back over 100.

Total weight loss for the last 12 months has been 16.5 kgs, which is as I said is just over half my goal of 30 kgs. I’ve lost the following in terms of measurements:

  • Arms 4 cms
  • Thighs 9.5 cms
  • Chest 10 cms
  • Hips 14 cms
  • Waist 17 cms

The scary thing was having so much to lose!

Next goal is to get under 90, and to able to do a 10 km run by end of September.

Purpose of the post isn’t to get feedback (hence no comments) but just to share that the right combination of exercise and eating does work, if you make it a priority.

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