Two thirds done

In July I made my mid point goal, and got the weight down from 110 kgs to 95 kgs, with 80 being the ultimate target and 100, 95, 90 and 85 being targets on the way.

Had my first gym session of the year today and all those climbs and walks over the break seem to have worked, and now at 89 kgs, so under the two thirds mark.

The last nine kgs will be the hardest but I am determined to get to something that starts with a 7. But nice to have it starting with an 8, not a 9, 10 or even 11. A friend helped me buy last week some new running gear, and was a nice surprise that 2XL was not too big (was 5XL), so now down to XL. But again, not there yet as M is the goal.

No comments needed (or enabled). I just blog about it as a way to encourage me to not fall off the wagon so to speak by marking the goals as I achieve them.

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