Ansell on his Treatygate campaign


You’re invited to Treatygate/Colourblind State speech, Remuera Rotary Club, next Monday 8th October, 6.30pm.

If you’re in Auckland this coming Monday evening, I’ll be making my first speech about the Treatygate/Colourblind State campaign to the Remuera Rotary Club.

(At the Remuera Bowling Club, just to confuse you.)

You’re invited, and so are the media. …

Well, here’s a few things they didn’t tell you:

  • In 1840, those old chiefs were queuing up to take the Queen’s money for huge tracts of their land. Why? Because they had no use for it. Their tribes were tiny, and they knew nothing of farming or forestry. They just saw it as waste land, so why not swap it for something useful?
  • In 1860, the largest-ever gathering of chiefs thanked the British for giving them law and order and property rights, for abolishing cannibalism and slavery, and for saving their people from extinction after a quarter century of intertribal genocide. (If only today’s Maori leaders were as grateful!)
  • As war loomed, the rebel tribes were warned that if they took up arms against the Queen, they’d have their lands taken and given to people who could be trusted to keep the peace.
  • All major Treaty claims were settled by 1947 – before the Pandora’s box was stupidly reopened in the 1970s.
  • Some claims have now been settled “fully and finally” four and five times – with no end in sight.
  • Hobson’s long-missing final Treaty draft was found in 1989, then hushed up by state academics. Why? Because that draft said the same things as the Maori Tiriti (the only treaty Hobson recognised). And both the draft and the Tiriti make it clear that the Treaty was with “all the people of New Zealand”, not just Maori. And neither makes any mention of Maori owning forests or fisheries.

On Monday in Auckland, at the Remuera Rotary Club (which meets at the Remuera Bowling Club), I’ll be putting up my evidence against the Treatygate fraudsters.

More crucially, I’ll be putting up some solutions about how we can put an end to the Treatygate rort, and chart a more unified course.

Should we hijack the hijackers with a written constitution of our own?

Should we petition for a referendum to sweep away the whole Treaty gravy train once and for all?

Or should we start a one-off, one-term, totally incorruptible, single-issue political party to force the government to start running New Zealand as a democracy?

Should be an interesting speech.

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