Trevett on Tamihere

Claire Trevett writes:

If you want someone to argue against former Labour MP John Tamihere making it back into Parliament, look elsewhere.

For if Planet Key has its own idylls in rolling greens and toilet-free climes, on Planet Media, utopia would be Tau Henare as the Speaker and John Tamihere back on the Labour benches.

And Hone as a Minister!

Labour is a different party from the one he left in 2005, and its leadership is more tolerant, both of Tamihere’s own political position and his character type.

The renaissance of Damien O’Connor despite his talk of gaggles of gays and self-serving unionists is evidence of that. But the left still holds great sway – and politically, Tamihere foxtrots on the margins of Genghis Khan’s beliefs.

I think Shearer would like Tamihere back, but not so sure he could use his limited influence to win him selection or even a winnable list place.