Forcing all Canterbury students to fund the gym

The University of Canterbury announced:

The University Council has approved a four percent across-the-board increase in domestic tuition fees for 2013.

The University’s student services levy will also increase in 2013 from $635 to $699 but, for the first time, will include gym membership (which currently costs $120 per year).

Surveys have consistently identified the Health Centre and Recreation Centre as services highly valued by students and we have responded to this feedback by incorporating gym membership into the student services levy.

With gym membership included in the levy, students will no longer have to pay an upfront fee to use the gym.

So 100% of students will be forced to fund a gym, which a minority will use. With 19,000 students, the average student wouldn’t be able to use it even once a week – yet are forced to pay for it.

Also it is a naked money grab. The fee used to be in fact $99 for those who joined in February, and now instead each student will pay $64 more in fees.

Also many students may choose to exercise at another gym, or by going running or cycling. Why are they forced to subsidize the gym?

Here’s a novel idea. Let each student keep their own money, and they can decide for themselves what to spend it on.

This just reinforces for me that most universities have little fiscal discipline, and mis-use their income for non-core activities. Good luck convincing the Government you need more money.

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