Oudong is the former capital of from 1618 to 1865. Sadly hundreds of temples and stupas were destroyed here in the 1970s. However it is still home to the largest Buddhist temple in Cambodia.

This is the entrance to the Vipasssana Dhura. It is huge.

Inside is a stunning display of artwork. The walls and roof are all exquisite.

One of the wall panels

This stature of Buddha is huge. Reaches to the roof.

What they didn’t tell us in advance, is we don’t just observe, but actually had to take part in a Buddhist prayer ceremony for 10 minutes. I counted backwards from 600 to make the time go faster.

A statue in a lAke representing good. The crocodile at her feet represents evil!

I think that may be the tallest flagpole I have seen!

One of the few surviving stupas of former Kings of Cambodia.

We then drove to Kampong Tralach. On the way we passed several dozen of these trucks jam packed with Cambodians. I’m never going to complain about crowded public transport again!

The poor quality is due to window glare and being on a moving bus.

They were all transporting home staff from the local brewery – around 2,000 of them. Goodness knows what you do if stuck in the middle and need to get off.

A nice shot of the fields.

Then at Kampong Tralach, we had a half hour or so ride on oxcarts to the river.

They were very slow moving and pretty uncomfortable. A fun experience, but not something if you don’t do, that will make you feel your life is incomplete

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