The Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney

The Des Moines Register has endorsed Mitt Romney. Why is this news. The last time the Register endorsed a Republican for President was in 1972. They endorsed Jimmy Carter twice, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukasis, John Kerry etc. For them not to endorse Barack Obama, is momentous.

The Register is the daily newspaper of the largest city in Iowa, and it is a swing state – only six electoral votes, but not a state Obama will want to lose.Iowa has voted Democrat five of the last six presidential elections.

Why did they endorse a change:

American voters are deeply divided about this race. The Register’s editorial board, as it should, had a vigorous debate over this endorsement. Our discussion repeatedly circled back to the nation’s single most important challenge: pulling the economy out of the doldrums, getting more Americans back in the workforce in meaningful jobs with promising futures, and getting the federal government on a track to balance the budget in a bipartisan manner that the country demands.

Which candidate could forge the compromises in Congress to achieve these goals? When the question is framed in those terms, Mitt Romney emerges the stronger candidate.

The former governor and business executive has a strong record of achievement in both the private and the public sectors. He was an accomplished governor in a liberal state. He founded and ran a successful business that turned around failing companies. He successfully managed the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Romney has made rebuilding the economy his No. 1 campaign priority — and rightly so.

Romney wants this election to be about the economy.

He is still trailing in the electoral college vote, but slightly ahead in the popular vote. It is possible Obama could do a George W Bush and lose the popular vote, but still get elected.

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