Tamihere v Tova

3 News reports:

Former Cabinet minister-turned RadioLIVE host has taken a swipe at the media’s coverage of his return to the Labour Party, calling one 3 News journalist a “stupid little girl”.

Mr Tamihere’s reapplication to be a member of Labour was approved at the weekend, opening the door for him to vie for a place as a candidate in the 2014 election. …

Ms O’Brien asked him this morning if he was sexist, a misogynist or a homophobe, and he took to the radio waves to voice his anger. 

“Tova, go jump in the lake you stupid little girl,” he said.

“I’ve had a gut’s full of idiots like you trying to position people like me.

“Pimply little girls in a newsroom trying to position you for being cut up on a little news bite. Tova O’Brien, where the hell do you come from?”

John must be taking lessons from Winston Peters on how to respond to media inquiries.

Generally speaking if a woman reporter asks you if you are sexist, it isn’t a convincing response to call her a pimply little girl (incidentally not at all an accurate description of Tova).

Likewise responding to a question on homophobia by questioning the “preferences” of the reporter is also incredibly dumb (and offensive).

John has some admirable strengths, but this show his less than admirable weaknesses. And I’d say his already low chances of getting a winnable list ranking or seat have plummeted.

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