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Nothing about man Lindsay Evans shouts money.

Everything from the worn clothes to the grime screams tramp, and there’s the down-and-out expression of a man with nowhere to go and nothing to do but hope for something better.

Yet as the 53-year-old sucks hungrily at another freshly rolled Bali Shag cigarette in Garden Place, the Hamilton man says his savings add up to $76,200.

Homeless, but can afford to smoke.

For dinner the previous evening Mr Evans ate half a packet of $2.59 Home Brand pretzels. For breakfast, he ate the other half.

How much do cigarettes cost?

Now he can’t wait to get back into employment, as long as it’s the right work, and get a roof over his head.

In the past three years he has applied for more than 800 jobs and hasn’t had a single interview.

Not sure he can afford to be so choosy. But why no jobs?

It’s a grim, boring life, he says. Miserable even. He once went without a shower for seven months – not a big deal.

Could be a good idea, if he does get an interview.

First there’s breakfast, closely followed by one of up to 20 cups of the cheHomeapest instant coffee available.

20 cups a day?

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