Luxury tourist hotel for the homeless

No Minister blogs:

The Kingsgate Hotel Autolodge in Paihia is located on a prime site facing Marsden Road, 20 meters from she sea, slap in the middle of any number of motels and apartment buildings and only 100 meters from the wharf and main shopping precinct. It has 113 rooms and markets itself as family friendly boasting a restaurant and bar and large outdoor pool area. Go to their website right now and their cheapest room on offer is priced at $170.

have it on very good authority that the Hotel has signed a sweetheart deal with MSD to house the homeless. The deal reportedly is for one wing of the Hotel and runs through to 31 March 2021 unless renewed. Whenever the contract is terminated MSD is required to completely refurbish the rooms before handing them back to management.

Not sure that regular paying guests will see this as overly desirable and am aware of some guests have vowed never to return. guess that’s the risk you take but, if you’re going to get your rooms refurbished for free, then clearly management sees it as a risk worth taking.

No doubt the for the Homeless sees this a win, win. Prime site accommodation for the homeless by the sea at the height of the tourist season. Not sure the taxpayer will necessarily see it the same way.

One wonders how much this will cost.

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