1% wriggle room

Sam Sachdeva in The Press reports:

Less than a week after being dumped from Labour’s top 20 MPs, Christchurch East MP is putting on a brave face.

The week before the announcement, Labour leader David Shearer took her aside for a “long chat” about the decision and explained the need for rejuvenation in the ranks.

This is the rejuvenation that saw Annette King promoted, despite entering Parliament in 1984.

Lianne got demoted because she is in the wrong faction.

A much-discussed mayoral bid still appears highly unlikely, with Dalziel concerned about the potential disruption a by-election in her electorate would cause.

While it is unlikely, it is still not off the table, not yet anyway.

“Like I said to someone the other day, my answer is 99 per cent no. Is 1 per cent wiggle room?

“I suppose it is, but I’m really not thinking that’s what I want to do.”

Watch that 1% become, 2% and 3% and ….

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