Only in Hamilton

Aaron Leaman at Stuff reports:

An intoxicated clubgoer has been prosecuted for taking the law into her own hands – literally – during a routine bar check.

Galloway, 36, was drinking at Hamilton’s Shenanigans Irish Pub about midnight on May 18 last year when a constable entered the bar to carry out a liquor licence check.

In what her lawyer termed “a grossly stupid act”, Galloway groped the officer’s groin as he made his way through the bar.

Galloway was ejected from the bar, prompting her to yell abuse and suggest the officer was enjoying the attention.

In explanation, Galloway later said she did not realise her victim was a police officer and she had “been doing this to men all night“.

If you ran this story without mentioning the city, I reckon most people would guess it was Hamilton 🙂

The charge carries a maximum sentence of two years’ jail. Judge Connell declined to impose a fine, instead opting for a sentence of community work.

Incidentally if the genders were reversed I suspect the patron would be in considerably more trouble.

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