Profile of David Clark

Vernon Small profiles David Clark:

Clark, a Presbyterian minister, returned the favour, officiating at Robertson’s civil union. (The Wellington Central MP’s partner, Alf, joked at the ceremony that given the keen interest from singles of both sexes he was sorry to report Clark was neither gay nor single.) Clark and wife Katrina have two children, the youngest just 3 months old. Katrina is on maternity leave from the Ministry of Economic Development, overseen by his new political duelling partner, Joyce.

Clark concedes: “We will have to face how we handle that” but says she is an exemplary civil servant and a “fanatical observer” of the public service code of conduct.

I’m sure she is, as was Madeleine Setchell whom got effectively sacked and blacklisted from public service jobs because her boyfriend worked for John Key. It’s fortunate National actually believes in public sector neutrality – unlike Labour which talks the talk but didn’t walk the walk.

So far his biggest impact in the House has been his bill to ensure a statutory holiday on the next Monday if Waitangi Day or Anzac Day fall on a weekend. It should have the numbers to pass – a rare victory for a non-Government measure.

It will conclude its second reading on Wednesday 13 March, and should pass into law on 17 April. I support the bill.

Clark says the free market is a good servant if properly regulated.

A statement few can disagree with, but what is critical is the details. Most people accept a degree of regulation in the economy such as the Fair Trading Act, the Commerce Act. But the fact that some regulation is desirable doesn’t mean all regulation is desirable. I’d like to see examples from Clark as to what further regulation he proposes.

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