Clark contradicted again by Counties Manukau DHB

The Herald reports:

The outgoing Counties Manukau DHB acting chairman has publicly weighed in on what Government ministers were told about the state of buildings at Middlemore Hospital, and has contradicted claims made by Health Minister .

So that’s now the Chair, the CEO and a board member at odds with Clark.

Clark says he was not told at the meeting about issues with buildings other than the Scott Building.

Leaked documents showed Johnson said she “specifically told” Clark during the meeting there were similar problems in multiple buildings.

Clark dismissed that by saying Rabindran had already apologised for not mentioning the extent of the problems.

Rabindran said today he had been upset when he heard the minister explain the apology in the media later.

“I was not apologising for that, I was apologising if he thought we had breached the no surprises policy.”

The spin is coming unravelled.

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