Would it be a bad thing if North Korea did attack?

The Herald reports:

issued its latest belligerent threat yesterday, saying it has entered “a state of war” with South Korea. It came a day after its leader threatened the US because two American bombers flew a training mission in South Korea.

Analysts say a full-scale conflict is unlikely and North Korea’s threats are instead aimed at drawing Washington into talks that could result in aid and boosting the image of leader Kim Jong Un at home.

But the harsh rhetoric from North Korea and rising animosity from the rivals following UN sanctions over Pyongyang’s February 12 nuclear test have raised worries of a misjudgment leading to a clash.

In a joint statement by the government, political parties and organisations, North Korea said it will deal with all matters involving South Korea according to “wartime regulations”. It also warned it would retaliate against any provocations by the US and South Korea without “any prior notice”.

I know this is just rhetoric from North Korea, and any actual conflict would be a terrible loss of life.

But there is a little bit of me that almost hopes the North Korean regime does launch an attack, so that they lose their ability to continue to threaten the region, and more importantly so that 25,000,000 citizens are freed from their slavery and brain-washing.

North Korea arguably has the worst human rights record of any country on Earth, and their grinding levels of poverty and starvation are entirely self-imposed. I hope within my life-time, those 25 million human beings get to reclaim their human rights – preferably without conflict.

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