Will China act?

Stuff reports:

’s sixth nuclear test was expected. The timing speaks of leader Kim Jong Un’s willingness to provoke China; and an attempt to seize the moment to wedge South Korea and US President Donald Trump.

A military response from the United States appears less likely than a decision by China to finally reach for its biggest gun – cutting the oil pipeline to North Korea. …

The United States has been urging China to cripple North Korea by cutting its energy supply. China has to date resisted and Chinese foreign policy analysts have said this is because Beijing had to keep one card up its sleeve for the day Pyongyang crossed its red line.

China hates nuclear tests on its border the way the US hates an intercontinental ballistic missile test that could potentially reach the US mainland. 

I certainly hope that China takes action, because if they don’t then it is more likely the US will.

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