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A reader writes in:

I was a journalist in London in 1973 when the IRA bombing started.

We had continual strikes, three working weeks, power strikes and just about everything you could think.   I well recall an article by the central union leader, Vic Feather I think, which blamed the UKs poor position on the fact it did not get Marshall Plan aid like some in Europe did.   The unions were in a state of denial and biz leaders and conservative MPs lacked the wit and guts to sort things out.

It is true Thatchers reforms were very harsh on some areas and people and more could have been done to help them thru the transition, but without Margaret the UK would have slid away, just as NZ would have moved closer to South America without Roger Douglas.

Can you believe it? The UK was so badly off, they were blaming the lack of aid under the Marshall Plan!

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