An experiment

Whale blogs:

I was talking to Matthew Hooton this afternoon about his comments in the NBR about never being denied service. It was during this conversation that we came to the conclusion that the amounts of liquor involved in Aaron Gilmore’s explanation seemed…well…a little too light.

So we hatched a plan…one I want to share with readers. More of an experiment than a plan.

How does this sound.

Three of New Zealand’s most obnoxious bloggers/commentators/politicos have at it at a classy restaurant and eat and drink until service is refused. 

Myself, Matthew Hooton and Cactus Kate (if she can be convinced to pop down for the fun) attend a classy establishment, perhaps Antoines, and proceed to  enjoy ourselves until a waiter utters the words to refuse us service.

You can join in the fun …

One thing is guaranteed though, we will be raucous, rude and obnoxious…It would be interesting to see if we could ever get refused service though.

As an added bonus we could live tweet and blog the carnage. Perhaps we could auction the 4th seat off, to enjoy an evening of fine food, fine wine and cutting and witty repartee?

I’m thinking of starting a fund-raising effort for Trevor Mallard to be the 4th person 🙂

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