Is this why Labour attacked Mike Bush

Truth reports:

ONE OF Auckland’s top cops has been boasting about having Deputy Commissioner sacked when his brother, Labour leader David Shearer, becomes Prime Minister.

Alan Shearer is the former Manurewa Area Police Commander and used to work under Bush during the years he spent as Counties Manukau district commander.

It is understood some bad blood exists between the pair after Bush removed him as Manurewa Area Commander into a new job at Counties Manukau where he is responsible for “planning and ending family violence” in South Auckland. …

A well-placed police source confirmed that Shearer had been “running his mouth off around town” about having Bush sacked once his brother David became Prime Minister.

“He’s been badmouthing Mike Bush. He is bitter and telling police officers in Counties Manukau that when his brother is Prime Minister he’s going to get Mike Bush,” the source told Truth.

“Alan Shearer is pissed off about being removed from his personal fiefdom in Manurewa and holds Bush responsible.”

Truth attempted to speak to Alan Shearer but he did not return calls.

I couldn’t work out why Labour would declare Mike Bush unsuitable to be Commissioner just on the basis of some ill-judged comments at a funeral. Is there a personal feud involved?

MPs are not responsible for their family members – but if the family member is boasting of using their relatives influence for their own purposes, they need to clearly state their family member is not speaking for them.

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