MP’s Register of Interests 2013

The annual Register of Interests is here:

Some interesting disclosures:

  • Many MPs had a Sheyne Tuffery print gifted by Greenpeace
  • Simon Bridges has honorary memberships of Mount Maunganui  and Tauranga golf clubs
  • Steffan Browning was a director of BioGro
  • Cam Calder owns a restoration project of some ruins in Gers, France
  • David Carter has shares in almost every rural company out there!
  • Jonathan Coleman got a wine decanter and glasses from the US Secretary of Defence
  • Paul Goldsmith has a season pass to the Auckland Racing Club
  • Brendan Horan is part-owner of a racehorse!
  • Steven Joyce got tickets to WOW
  • John Key’s gifts include a Samsung Galaxy tablet from the President of  (presumably South!) Korea, a model of ancient dragon boat from a member of the Chinese Politburo, Russian cognac from President Putin, a bicycle from the President of Philippines and a round of golf with Greg Norman by Duco Events Limited
  • David Parker was given a ticket by Fonterra to hear Al Gore speak. It seems this is deemed of value!
  • Tony Ryall is a director of Maisie and Llewe Limited – textile sales
  • David Shearer has this time included his US bank account!
  • Nicky Wagner has a Timelord Trust
  • Jian Yang helped organised a friendly football game between the All Whites and the Chinese national team.

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