Labour enjoying Sky City hospitality

A number of MPs were seen enjoying the hospitality of at Eden Park on Saturday night.

Rather amusing that they rant and rail about how Sky City destroys people lives through addictive pokie machines, and a deal with the Government to allow them some more. But then they are happy to take their hospitality, funded by the very same pokie machines.

Have to at least give the Greens credit for consistency.

Anyway here is my question, and I genuinely don’t know the answer. Was one of those Labour MPs in the Sky City corporate box at Eden Park?

Surely no opposition leader would be so foolish as to lead a charge against Sky City’s pokie machines and deal with the Govt – and then turn up to their corporate box a few weeks later? Would they?

As I said, I know of at least two Labour MPs who were there. I don’t know if Shearer was there also. But I do hope someone asks.

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