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Stuff reports:

Coca-Cola plans to start displaying the calories in its products on vending machines as a way of fighting .

The beverage giant announced tonight it was was “joining the front line” in the fight against obesity with a campaign set to launch tomorrow.

As part of the campaign, it will place transparent nutritional information in more places, including vending machines, and increase the availability of small bottles like its 300ml soft drink range.

It will also offer a wider selection of low-calorie products and help get people moving by supporting physical activity programmes.

I hate nanny state anti-obesity measures around banning certain foods from tuck-shops, advertising restrictions etc. But something I am passionate on is food and drinks showing the number of calories they have. This allows us adults to make informed choices.

I think alcohol should have calorie labels, and also retail food outlets should have available calorie counts for their food, should people request it.

People would be amazed at how much weight you can lose by simply being more knowledgeable about how many calories are in what you drink or eat.

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