Bad teachers

Stuff reports:

A teacher has lost his job after mistakenly broadcasting pornography to his classroom.

In a decision published yesterday, the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal censured the unnamed teacher for the few seconds of adult content he broadcast in November 2011, but stopped short of cancelling his registration.

The man himself was so shocked after the clip that he simply continued to teach the year 12 class without mentioning the offending material.

After pupils raised the porn clip with their student counsellor, the teacher immediately confessed and resigned.

The mistake occurred after he viewed the pornography at home on his personal work laptop.

He was streaming a PowerPoint presentation from his laptop on to the school smartboard when it switched over to the next file, which happened to be pornographic.

That reminds me of when I replied to an e-mail from my former flatmate, with a humourous quip which included use of the c word. Sadly for her she had her laptop hooked up to a data projector which was video-conferenced into a group from Singapore. My e-mail came up in Outlook preview for around three seconds, including the immortal words “Did you spell c**t wrong?”

Talking of the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal decisions though, can anyone find them online? I’ve had a look through the Teachers’ Council site and can only find decisions prior to 2007.

A female gym teacher was not so lucky after being accused of sexually grooming a 12-year-old girl, texting her obsessively and rubbing her thigh.

The tribunal censured the woman, who is not named, for serious misconduct and stripped her registration.

The decision showed she and the pupil exchanged 1500 texts over a month, with the teacher using “obscene and abusive” language.

So why is she not named?

A male teacher caught with his underpants around his knees next to a 16-year-old female pupil in the back of his car was stripped of registration. When asked by police what he was doing, he responded that they were discussing “family matters”.

Family matters? Only if you’re Tasmanian!

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