Blue eyes better!

Stuff reports:

Parents have raised concerns about a discrimination experiment that pitted blue-eyed pupils against their brown-eyed classmates at a Christchurch school.

Four classes from Cobham Intermediate School – involving about 120 year-8 pupils – were split into what they were told were the more “superior” blue-eyed pupils, and the lesser brown-eyed pupils, to teach them about and discrimination.

But a mother of a brown-eyed pupil said her 13-year-old son came home from school upset and “really angry” after the roles were not reversed in his class.

If you’re going to do an exercise like that with kids, it is a good idea to make sure everyone experiences both groups.

Students with blue eyes were told of new research that students with blue eyes developed at a superior rate and were more mature than other students.

The classes talked through the issues before pupils left, but their children might wish to discuss it further at home, it said.

Thelning said the lesson provided “a catalyst for discussion and reflection”.

Reversing the roles had been considered but the blue-eyed children had shown “empathy and awareness for others”.

Well this proves of course that us blue eyes are superior, because we look after our brown eyed pets well 🙂

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