Treating sugar like tobacco

The Herald reports:

Sugar-sweetened beverages should be regulated like tobacco as a first step to combating New Zealand’s epidemic, the Public Health Association Conference was told today in New Plymouth.

Gerhard Sundborn, from Auckland University, has proposed an ‘end-game’ strategy for sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) in New Zealand.

There seems no end to the desire of some people to remove all choice in people’s lives. Now they want to eliminate soda drinks.

Can you just imagine it as their ideas get hold. You bring a small bottle of coke to work and you’re told that you can’t drink it inside. Then in a few years you’re having a coke in a park, and you get told you can’t drink coke in a park as it may get seen by a kid and influence them.

Eventually they ban the consumption of soda drinks in bars and restaurants, and of course all soda drinks are sold in plain packaging and advertising has long been banned of them.

All this to because the master class know what is good for us, and must protect us from our own choices.

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