Lorde makes No 1

Stuff reports:

America’s holy grail of music now belongs to , and the Auckland dad who first picked her talent can happily say: “I told you so.”

Teenager Ella Yelich-O’Connor – who performs as Lorde – made headlines worldwide when she topped America’s music charts yesterday, becoming the first New Zealand artist to have their own song at No 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Royals pushed past Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball and Katy Perry’s Roar to take out the top spot, earning the 16-year-old a place in music history.

Making No 1 is an incredible achievement for anyone, but especially so for a Kiwi 16 year old.

I’ve got Lorde’s first album (The Love Club), but not yet her second one (Pure Heroine).

While she is a very talented artist as Lorde, what is very cool is the maturity of Ella. I’ve read several interviews with her and she seems mature beyond her years, very intelligent, and also an accomplished decision maker. So many teen stars go off the rails later in life, and I can’t think of someone less likely to do so. She seems very well grounded.

NZ On Air music manager Brendan Smythe said reaching No 1 in the Billboard top 100 was a “monumental achievement,” unlike any he had seen.

“It is so wonderful. I’ve been around for 25 years in this business, and this is probably the biggest moment in New Zealand music in those 25 years. The No 1 on Billboard is kind of like the holy grail of music, and now it’s Lorde’s grail.

“A New Zealand artist achieving the holy grail in America … it’s something we’ve all dreamed of, worked for, wanted, and it’s such an extraordinary achievement.”

It’s hard to under-sell how big this is. Sort of like Peter Jackson producing the biggest selling film of the year – but Peter doing it as a 16 year old!

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