They do have nice buffalo wings

The Press reports:

Outgoing Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Marryatt racked up nearly $9000 on his ratepayer-funded credit card in the last year, including more than $120 on two visits to the bawdy restaurant in the United States.

Figures released to The Press under the Official Information Act show Marryatt twice visited the restaurant chain in Phoenix, Arizona, famous for its young busty waitresses. He was there on a council managers’ conference a year ago.

Cr Tim Carter, who chairs the council’s audit and risk committee and often signed off credit card reports from senior staff, said he was “struggling to understand how spending money at a Hooters bar was council business”. Mayoral candidate Lianne Dalziel has also called for more transparency on council spending.

To be fair to Marryatt, you do need to eat while at conferences and Hooters do have absolutely delicious buffalo wings.  Best I’ve had in America.

But it is a pretty dumb move to choose Hooters as an eating establishment, when the ratepayers (or taxpayers) are paying the bills. I would never go to Hooters if I wasn’t paying the bill myself.

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