Labour member quits over Tamihere’s membership

writes on Facebook:

The actions of the two hosts were absolutely toxic and the nation is reacting accordingly. What is troubling for me is that Tamihere is being openly referred to as a Party member in mainstream press (1). I appreciate the statements made to Radio New Zealand (2), but at the moment they are only statements.

I also appreciate that disciplinary matters can be heard only by the NZ Council. To that end I hope the need for a special, urgent meeting of the NZ Council to hear this matter is realised prior to the December meeting, so that NZLP can be seen to be taking as swift action as is possible. We are already being left behind. If there’s anything more I need to do in order to make this complaint formal (I note Moira’s quote in the RNZ story says “if we receive a formal complaint” – this was two days after my first email) please let me know as soon as possible.

Today, new information has arisen that has personal links to one of the alleged offenders’ families (3). The claim that Tamihere didn’t know this link at the time of the interview rings very hollow, given the publicity around the boy’s identity in the news at the time the interview took place. This means the actions of Tamihere on that day may not have been simply borne of horrific ignorance as was the basis of my initial complaint – they may have come from a position of consciously wanting to deflect, silence and belittle the survivors of sexual abuse, to lessen the veracity of these allegations on people he is close to.

This new information triggers a limit within me, and my tolerance is exhausted. I will not be part of an organisation which includes this man. I hope to rejoin in the future when conditions permit, but for now I wish to cancel my victory for labour membership, member ID 1025512, and no further fees are to be deducted from my credit card. I’ve cc’d the office email address to this message – can this be actioned please? Sorry to cause you work. I’ll inform the secretaries of the bodies of which I am member and resign where I am chair or delegate.

This isn’t to protest NZLP’s actions in regards to my original request, although I do wish they were more expedient. Leaving the party is a personal choice I make with great sadness, but the moral criteria I base my involvement and association upon has been compromised by this man. My conscience leaves me no choice.

Mr Currie may not be the only one. John Tamihere is publicly identified as both a member and an aspiring candidate. Parties can be broad churches, but is Labour so broad that they include misguided apologists for rape?

Does David Cunliffe think John Tamihere is a suitable person to be a Labour Party member, let alone a candidate?

Doesn’t Labour have a Womens Vice President? Does she have views on Tamihere?

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