Espiner to co-host Morning Report

The Herald reports:

Political journalist Guyon Espiner has been announced as Geoff Robinson’s replacement on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report.

Robinson announced his retirement on-air in November, after more than 30 years in journalism.

Espiner has a 20 year career in journalism, working in both print and broadcast media.

He has previously held roles as the political editor for Television New Zealand and, earlier, the Sunday Star Times.

More recently he has worked as an anchor and journalist on TV3’s 3rd Degree and The Vote.

Espiner will begin presenting Morning Report in April.

I think this is an excellent appointment. Espiner is a formidable interviewer, and has a good breadth of knowledge on politics and current affairs.

What is unknown is how he will gel with Simon Mercep, but I don’t see any major difficulties there.

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