Two Greens MPs facing sacking with Green Party List

I’ve been leaked a copy of the draft an unoffical Green Party List. This is the version done by the hierarchy and leadership. The initial draft list is done by the hierarchy and then members then get to vote on this, and tweak it. They often do make some changes, but the bulk of the rankings don’t change much.

  1. Russel Norman (+1 from 2011)
  2. Metiria Turei (-1)
  3. Kevin Hague (nc)
  4. Eugenie Sage (+2)
  5. Catherine Delahunty (-1)
  6. Julie Anne Genter (+7)
  7. Gareth Hughes (nc)
  8. Kennedy Graham (-3)
  9. Denise Roche (+2)
  10. Jan Logie (-1)
  11. Marama Davidson (new)
  12. Holly Walker (nc)
  13. Mojo Mathers (+1)
  14. Aaryn Barlow (+4)
  15. James Shaw (nc)
  16. Steffan Browning (-6)
  17. David Clendon (-9)
  18. Dora Langsbury (+4)
  19. Barry Coates (new)
  20. Sea Rotman (nc)

So the big winner is Julie-Anne Genter who in 2011 was ranked below Holly Walker, but has shot up to 6th place – twice as high as Holly. Genter has been a very hard and effective worker, so no surprise.

Browning and Clendon face demotion to unwinnable places.

Women make up nine of the top 13 of the draft list. Imagine the outcry if it was the other way around!

Davidson looks likely to become an MP, if this list is accepted. Aaryn Barlow may make it in also, which if they got 14 MPs, would make around 30% of their caucus Maori.

It will be interesting to see the final list, and if Clendon and Browning remain in unwinnable spots.

Also interesting to see if the well respected James Shaw gets higher than 15.

UPDATE: Just had clarified that this is not the official draft list out together by the hierarchy. That process begins in around two weeks.

The source who provided this says this is a draft that has circulated internally among some members. The source is reliable as they also provided the official draft list to me last time.

So the list that the hierarchy draws up, is not necessarily this list. The official process has yet to begin. No doubt we will see in time if the official list resembles this unofficial one doing the rounds.

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