How about tasers?

The Herald reports:

Auckland Council wants more power to ban and penalise at intersections.

The washers are already banned under a bylaw, and offenders can be fined up to $20,000.

But the council says the sanctions are costly, complex and ineffective, and it wants the Government to change the law so it can issue infringement notices – possibly in the form of spot fines.

Under the present law, it must get police to confiscate washers’ equipment or prosecute them.

Councillors yesterday unanimously backed a proposed law amendment that would allow the council to specify bylaw breaches that would result in an infringement notice.

I’ve got a better solution. . Just taser any windscreen washer that enters an intersection. That will solve the problem.

The washers are a sophisticated form of intimidation. They provide a so called service you did not ask for or want, and then intimidate you into paying for it.

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