A bylaw that worked

Stuff reports:

Five people have been prosecuted for illegally washing windscreens at Christchurch intersections since a bylaw allowed police to prosecute offenders.

After several reports of anti-social behaviour associated with the window cleaners, the voted unanimously in October last year to give police authority to seize windscreen washers’ equipment and prosecute them under a public places bylaw.

The bylaw change made windscreen washing at intersections largely cease overnight throughout the city, a council report into the issue said.

Business people, who had previously reported intimidating or threatening behaviour, vandalism, fights or graffiti being conducted by the windscreen washers, said there had been virtually no instances of these issues since the council’s decision.

Business works best when a willing buyer and willing seller. But intersection window washers don’t work on willing buyers – they generally work on intimidation when you are too scared to not pay when someone starts washing your windows without your permission.

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