Nine facts on Gaza you won’t hear from the Greens

Shalom Kiwi points out a few facts as a Green MP is about to fly to the Middle East (never mind the greenhouse gas emissions) to protest the marine blockade of Gaze.

  1. Jews are indigenous to Israel
  2. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, a fundamentalist terror organisation with a genocidal purpose
  3. Human rights are not high on Hamas’ agenda – women are not allowed in public without a male relative
  4. Aid is often diverted to terror or misappropriated by millionaire Gazans
  5. The blockade is legal and attempting to breach it is reckless: UN
  6. Egypt borders Gaza and blockades more restrictively than Israel
  7. Israel is working to help Gazans
  8. This is not the path to peace or helping Palestinians
  9. The Greens are keeping bad company

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