The Green Party self-assessment

The Green Party has a self-assessment that aspiring candidates are required to complete. One candidate has his on Facebook.

Most of the self-assessment is quite sensible and laudable, and in fact other parties would do well to consider requiring the same. Example questions include:

  • What professional, trade or life skills and experiences do you have which are relevant to being a Green candidate / MP?
  • What experience/skills do you have in public speaking, facilitating meetings, writing articles or media releases and cross cultural communication?
  • Which sources do you use for collecting political information, and how do you rate your skills in information collection and analysis?
  • What fundraising have you done for causes /organisations and how did you do it?
  • What are some examples of your ability to plan and to form and lead teams?

As I said, good questions to ask.

But it gets more on the personal qualities.

How do you walk the Green talk by living sustainably, fairly, democratically and peacefully?

My personal level of commitment to the Green Party is, in many ways, the greatest demonstration of living these values. 

Have long configured my life so that I live within walking distance of work to avoid motorised commuting and am able to ride my bicycle often; I eat minimal meat and never buy products of cruelty

So if you eat more than minimal meat, would this affect your list ranking?

I am generally a conscious politicised consumer and channel any recreational shopping urges that arise entirely into visits to op shops and recycling centres.

So if you shop at the Warehouse, does that

Rate yourself on the following personal attributes and qualities.

Personal Qualities

Rating 1(low) -5(high)

 Speaking succinctly in simple language – 3
Ability to prioritise work – 4
Ability to delegate work – 4
Co-operation, working well in a team – 4
Even temper – 4
Self-confidence – 3
Sense of humour – 5
Stamina – 3
Humility – 3
Ambition – 3
Commitment to working hard to get results – 4
Attracting and maintaining personal and political support –  4
Being enthusiastic and motivating others – 4

How do you rate your own humility? If you give yourself a 5 for humility, doesn’t that imply you are not humble if you think you are that good at humility?

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