Beer Pong

The Herald reports:

has defended downing several cups of beer during a drinking game yesterday, saying it was not “too crazy” and in the spirit of fun.

Mr Key was challenged to a game of beer pong at the Big Gay Out in Auckland’s Pt Chevalier yesterday. He agreed, and had to down several cups of beer in the process.

On TVNZ’s Breakfast morning Mr Key defended his decision to take part in the game.

Asked about the link between games like beer pong and irresponsible drinking, Mr Key said: “I’ve heard those sorts of things before. I mean look, it was a bit of fun. It was about that much beer [about an inch] in the cups, so it wasn’t anything too crazy.”

Mr Key added it was “in the spirit of a bit of fun”.

Beer Pong is a great fun game, and as the PM says the amount in a cup is around a quarter of a standard drink so he probably had less than a standard drink in total. The fun police need to be less uptight. He got challenged to take part, and he played along for a couple of minutes. I guess some people would rather he gave them all a lecture on how beer pong is an evil game, and they should all drink fruit juice instead of beer.

He said he would “definitely win” a game of beer pong against Labour leader David Cunliffe.

“Wouldn’t be any doubt about it.”

Now that would be a great televised sport 🙂

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