Parliament Today April 16 2014

Questions for Oral Answer.

Questions to Ministers 2.00PM-3.00PM.

  1. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in the Hon Judith Collins and her handling of her relationship with Oravida Ltd?
  2. JAMI-LEE ROSS to the Minister of Finance: What are likely to be the main pressures on interest rates and what steps is the Government taking to help prevent home mortgage rates from returning to levels seen in 2008?
  3. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Justice: Was the employer of the senior Chinese border control official, who she had dinner with in Beijing in October 2013 on her Ministerial visit to China, from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine also known as the AQSIQ?
  4. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Does he stand by all his statements?
  5. Hon KATE WILKINSON to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery: What new initiatives is the Government supporting to assist housing affordability in Christchurch?
  6. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Justice: Why will she not identify the senior Chinese border official with whom she met on 20 October 2013, and disclose the business that was discussed at the dinner with him that evening?
  7. IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY to the Minister for ACC: Does she stand by her answers to Oral Question No. 10 yesterday?
  8. TIM MACINDOE to the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment: What progress has the Government made in ensuring overseas-based student loan borrowers meet their obligations to New Zealand taxpayers?
  9. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Housing: Does he stand by his statement that it will take “a period of a decade or two” to get housing affordability to his long-term target?
  10. KEVIN HAGUE to the Minister for ACC: Have all of the recommendations of the 2012 Independent Review of ACC’s Privacy and Security of Information been implemented; if not, why not?
  11. ANDREW LITTLE to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement “we still have much more to do to improve New Zealand’s economic growth and to support higher incomes across the board”?
  12. Dr PAUL HUTCHISON to the Minister of Health: What investments has the Government made to support new technology for paramedics?

Today Labour are asking two questions about Oravida, ACC privacy, Housing and, Economic Growth. The Greens are asking about energy, and  ACC privacy.  New Zealand First are asking about Oravida, and economic growth.

Patsy of the day goes to Dr Paul Hutchison for Q12: What investments has the Government made to support new technology for paramedics?

General Debate 3.00PM -4.00PM

12 speeches of 5 minutes each. Educational and amusing.

Government Bills 4.00PM-6.00PM and 7.30PM -10.00PM.

1. Statutes Amendment Bill (No 4) – First Reading

2. Victims of Crime Reform Bill – Committee Stage

3. Victims’ Orders Against Violent Offenders Bill – Committee Stage

The Statutes Amendment Bill (No 4) is being guided through the house by the Minister for Courts, Chester Borrows.  A Statutes Amendment Bill is an omnibus bill that amends a range of Acts.

The Victims of Crime Reform Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister of Justice, Judith Collins. This bill amends legislation so as to implement the Government’s reform package for victims of crime.

The Victims’ Orders Against Violent Offenders Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister of Justice, Judith Collins. This bill would establish a mechanism for a victim of a violent offence to obtain a non-contact order against an offender sentenced to imprisonment for five years or more.


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