More on Auckland Airport taxis

The Herald reports:

A taxi company operating from Auckland Airport has introduced fixed-fare rates to the city and North Shore after Herald stories about some drivers overcharging passengers.

Auckland Airport will start conducting mystery tests on taxis to audit their pricing and has called for tighter Commerce Commission controls on the industry. And Labour has challenged the Government to police rogue operators and to sort out Auckland’s traffic woes to help reduce fares and travelling times.

Green Cabs yesterday announced it would charge flat fares of $65 to the city, $97 to Takapuna and $110 to Albany for airport passengers.

Great – a market solution. Some firms offer flat fares. and some do not.

Also Auckland Airport has announced:

“Given the concerns raised by the public about the high fares, Auckland Airport will now regularly undertake mystery passenger audits of taxi pick-ups from the airport. Any drivers and companies found to be charging excessive amounts or taking longer than necessary routes will be immediately reported to their employer and, if required, to the New Zealand Transport Agency.”

That’s a useful initiative.

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