Rock Enrol

Matthew Beveridge looks at the non-partisan group Rock Enrol.

He notes several things:

  • All three directors have a background with the Greens or environmental groups
  • The band they are working with is Homebrew, who infamously called the Prime Minister a c**t who should suck their dicks at the Vodafone Music Awards. Just a few days ago the band is still tweeting obscenities at or about John Key
  • Their advertising has been restricted to left-wing blogs also

I think it is a very fair conclusion that the only young people they want to enrol are those who also hate John Key. Actions speak louder than words, and the involvement of Homebrew makes it an event no one non-partisan would want to be involved with. Could you imagine in a thousand years the Young Nationals (for example) being involved with a concert where the main band is one that detests and hates National and John Key?

Now there’s nothing wrong with a partisan left-wing group encouraging young people to enrol and change the Government. The issue is transparency – which Matthew has supplied.

It would be great to have a truly non-partisan campaign that encourages more young people to enrol and vote. This is not it.

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