Why is there a need for any bylaw on ashes?

The Herald reports:

Plans to make grieving families apply for permission to scatter their loved ones’ ashes in public have been labelled crass and insensitive.

As part of a wider bylaw covering cemeteries and crematoria, wants to prevent people from scattering ashes in any public place – including beaches and reserves – unless they have written approval from the council or Wahi Tapu Maori Kimiti (a Maori committee that oversees sacred areas).

Even people wanting to scatter the ashes in a public cemetery would need to fill in forms for approval and pay “applicable fees” to the council.

The proposal, which could come into effect as early as November, has angered many people who feel the act doesn’t harm anyone and often helps grieving families to find closure by honouring a loved one’s final wish.

It’s ridiculous. Having to apply in writing and pay a fee to scatter ashes.

The Council should scrap its proposed bylaw. What need is there for one? What is the problem they are trying to fix?

If they do pass one, then everyone should ignore it. Dare the Council to prosecute you for scattering the ashes of a loved one at a local beach (for example), and watch the community rise up in outrage.

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