Kapiti votes to require Council approval to scatter ashes!

Stuff reports:

Families will need approval to scatter their loved ones’ in public on the Coast, after the district council voted to tighten control of the great hereafter.

Councillors voted by 6-5 on Thursday to include a clause in a new cemeteries bylaw, banning people from scattering ashes on beaches, rivers and parks.

The vote came despite staff saying the new bylaw would not be enforced – and that anywhere below the high-tide mark was out of the council’s control anyway.

A ridiculous waste of time and interference by the Council.

What is the problem they are trying to solve? Has there been an influx of complaints from people they they were sunbathing on the beach and someone threw Uncle Billy’s ashes on them?

All you need, at best, is a page on the Council website saying that if you are going to scatter ashes be considerate of any other person who may be around, and of impact on flora and fauna.

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