Strike Two

The Herald reported:

National Party MP Claudette Hauiti has given up her parliamentary charge card after she used it to pay for a personal trip to Australia.

“I went to Australia. It was travel only and way outside Parliamentary Service guidelines,” she told Fairfax Media.

She said the trip over Christmas last year and other questionable spending, including refreshments for a hui on a marae, had cost about $200, which she has since repaid.

“Of course it’s absolutely no excuse for not knowing the Speaker’s rulings. It is my responsibility and I didn’t do it.” …

Earlier this year Ms Hauiti was caught out breaking Parliament’s rules by employing her civil union spouse in her electorate office.

The rules are not obscure. Parliamentary Service provide a facility where you can check expenditure and appointments. One can forgive one transgression as a beginner’s mistake, but a second one can’t be treated so benignly.

Also just common sense should tell you that you don’t charge a trip to Australia to Parliament. You actually need the permission of the Whips to travel overseas on official business.

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