29 words used only or mainly about women

Stuff has an article from Daily Life which lists 29 words only (or mainly) used about women. They are:

  1. Airhead, noun
  2. Ambitious, adj
  3. Abrasive, noun
  4. Bossy, adj
  5. Bitchy, adj
  6. Bubbly, adj
  7. Ditsy, adj
  8. Emotional, adj
  9. Frigid, adj
  10. Frumpy, adj
  11. High-maintenance, adj
  12. Pushy, adj
  13. Sassy, adj
  14. Bombshell, adj
  15. Bolshy, adj
  16. Breathless, adj
  17. Bridezilla, noun
  18. Curvy, adj
  19. Ethereal, adj
  20. Fawn-like, adj
  21. Headstrong, adj
  22. Hormonal, adj
  23. Hysterical, adj
  24. Illogical, adj and Irrational, adj
  25. Mother of… , noun
  26. Shrill, adj
  27. Voluptuous, adj
  28. Whinging, verb
  29. Working mum, noun

It is a good point that most of the words mainly used to describe women are negative ones. Even ones that appear neutral like “working mum” have a suggestion that this is unusual, as you never hear “working dad”.

Even swear words are not equal. Being called a bastard is less damning than being called a bitch. In fact being called a bastard is also a term of admiration for some. And being called a prick is far less damning than being called a c**t.

Can readers think of any words that are mainly used to describe men, and are negative? Thug is one I guess. You don’t hear many women called thugs. I have no doubt that common terms about women are far more negative than common terms about men, but interested to see what there is on the male side.