Land transport funding

The Government has released its 2015 government policy statement on land transport. It covers the $3.4b annual spend on land .

The total budgeted (using mid points of bands) for the next three years for different activities is:

  1. State highway improvements $3,750 million
  2. State highway maintenance $1,581 million
  3. Local road maintenance $1,485 million
  4. Public transport $1,040 million
  5. Road policing $915 million
  6. Local road improvements $594 million
  7. Regional improvements $225 million
  8. Investment management $171 million
  9. Road safety promotion $103 million
  10. Walking/Cycling improvements $75 million

Looks pretty well balanced. I wouldn’t mind seeing less on road policing and more on road maintenance and improvements!

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