NZ First wants to abolish Smartgate!

NewstalkZB reports:

New Zealand First MP says it’s insane these incursions keep happening and is scathing of the current state of biosecurity protections at the border.

“The first thing we’d like to see is the Smartgate gone.

can only assume Mr Prosser thinks the fruit flies have immigrated from Wogistan!

His call to abolish Smartgate is one of the dumber things a politician has said. Smartgate does not get you around biosecurity checks. It just scans in your passport details and takes a photo of you. The smartgate is *before* you pick up your luggage. Once you pick it up, you still queue for biosecurity and have a personal interaction with a biosecurity/customs officer.

I await the next NZ First policy, which no doubt will be to abolish tourism to NZ.

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