Maybe it was Hamburglar?

Stuff reports:

Laptops containing contact details of union members have been stolen in a break-in at Union’s Auckland office.

Files with names of members, business documents and a union credit card were taken, along with thousands of dollars of electronic equipment in a robbery believed to have happened about 3am Thursday.

Staff arrived on Thursday morning to find the doors smashed in and the office ransacked, senior union organiser Joe Carolan said.

He said he was outraged thieves had not only targeted expensive items, including a TV and a camera, but also rifled through cabinets and taken paperwork, supermarket vouchers and cinema tickets.

“It’s a low blow,” he said.

“I’m furious.”

Carolan said the timing of the robbery – that followed union-organised rallies against zero-hour contracts – raised suspicion that it was politically motivated.

But he said it was more likely opportunistic.

The prime suspects are Hamburglar and the IRD!

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