Labour says National to blame for US Senate vote

NewstalkZB reports:

The government’s accused of economic mismanagement, as the Trans Pacific Partnership deal threatens to grind to a halt.

Political infighting in the US means a big delay in negotiations.

New Zealand’s Trade Minister Tim Groser admits it could see the TPP fall apart.

’s trade spokesperson David Parker remarks the government has already talked up the benefits, and promised to land the deal.

“Seems to be the way of this government. They promised we’d be back into surplus long before now and we’re still in deficit, you know we’ve got regions languishing.

“If they don’t make their trade obligations, well it’s just another long litany of imperfect management on the economy.”

So David Parker is implying it is the fault of National that left wing Democrats in the US Senate voted against cloture on fast track authority for Obama.

Not really helping the chance of Labour being seen as a credible opposition.

Incidentally the US Senate has now voted 65-33 to debate the fast track authorisation, so presumably David Parker will credit National with this turn-around!

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