Mana manages to get even dumber

, the editor of Mana News, writes:

The Tamaki redevelopment company is broken up into three shareholders Auckland council, Bill English and Nick Smith.  Both English and Smith own 29.5% of the shares while Auckland council own 41%.

On the companies office website the shareholders for The Tamaki redevelopment company limited click here

Is this a blatant attempt by government ministers  to enrich themselves by selling off state owned assets for personal gain?

This is a level of stupidity that matches Asenati Lole-Taylor demanding the Reserve Bank no longer be foreign owned.

Anyone who is not moronic would know (or check) that the Ministers are shareholders in their capacity as Ministers, not in a personal capacity.

Now this isn’t some random blogger. This is the editor of the official news site for the Mana political party, which almost ended up in Government last election (thanks Kelvin for stopping them!).

And they wonder why they do not get taken seriously.

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