Nanny state defeated

The Herald reports:

There will be no outright ban on commercial despite pleas from organisations including the Cancer Society and Consumer NZ.

Parliament’s health committee has recommended a ban on UV tanning services be limited to those under 18.

“We are satisfied that the bill as introduced would protect the vulnerable under-18 age group and allow adults to make informed decisions about sunbed use in an environment of improved operator compliance,” the committee’s report on the Health (Protection) Amendment Bill stated.

People can buy cigarettes and tobacco at 18, the committee noted, a recognition that it is an age at which people are capable of making their own choices.

Labour, NZ First and the Green Party argued in a minority view that tanning beds “are not safe and offer no health benefits” and their use before 35 increases the risk of melanoma every year.

I think people who use sunbeds are vain idiots who are risking melanoma, in order to appear more attractive.

But you know what.

That’s their right.

It is not the role of Labour, NZ First and Green MPs to dictate to the peasants what they can or can’t do.

Why stop there?

Let’s have sun police who walk around checking that people sunbathing on a beach have not exceeded their statutory time.

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