Now they’re after the dairies!

Stuff reports:

Laws to limit how many dairies are allowed in one area are “over the top”.

In the fight against obesity, the Auckland Regional Public Health Service have put together a proposal to limit the amount of dairies in one area, as well as banning the sale of junk food to children.

So good bye to the corner dairy.

I there no end to the social meddling these taxpayer funded activists will propose?

He said there are about 3,900 dairies in New Zealand, and they provide thousands of jobs for their communities, including families working in the dairy as well as distributors who deliver to the dairies.

Dairies don’t just sell junk food, they sell newspapers, they sell bread, they sell fruit and vegetables, he said.

Labour health spokesperson, Annette King, agreed with Patel, saying that she thought the idea was “over the top”.

It would be “incredibly hard to police and I think we would get a backlash from the public,” she said.

While she admitted high sugar intake is a big issue for New Zealand, restricting dairies would not be the right approach.

Great to see some common sense from Labour.

King said an educative approach within the community was the best idea, where dairies and schools can work together to ensure healthy food is consumed.

“I don’t think restricting dairies would be the right approach. Why don’t we restrict supermarkets as well?”

I’m sure that is next on their agenda!

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